Olwen Stained Glass Studio is based in Montreal, Quebec.

All pieces are created using copper-foil technique and are hand crafted, hand painted and original creations made in studio. 

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"Stained glass combines my love of painting, drawing and sculpture into one experience.

During my studies I worked at a local glass studio for 9 years which funded my high school, college and university studies. After much travel and observation I've come back to North America to get to work."

- Jesse Olwen

The Physical Studio Space
Well... everything is currently being created in the smaller spare bedroom of my apartment. Got to work with what you got! Nearly everything in the studio was either found in the trash, built by me or purchased for cheap at a thrift store - aside from my main equipment. My kiln was actually given to me by a friend, which was given to her. This kiln's been around but I think it's found its forever home now.

This space is deeply personal to me. The workbench was built from century old wood found in our old farmhouse. It was an experience cutting the wood, having seen it just as lumber my whole life sitting around at the farm.

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